“The failure of large scale poverty alleviation programs is not an excuse to do nothing, rather it should inspire us to try new strategies and create a new paradigm where poverty cannot exist.”  –  John Barrie

John Barrie is an energetic, articulate speaker who presents a compelling vision of a future without poverty.  Using examples of successful grass roots programs Mr. Barrie shows us how the world’s poorest people are our greatest resource for creating a sustainable and equitable future.

Many of Mr. Barrie’s  successful programs are collaborations between students, professionals and local populations in the world’s poorest communities.


“Programs are the software that make appropriate technology work.”

The Appropriate Technology Collaborative has created several programs to educate people and distribute new technologies.  Without programs even the most brilliant tech. will remain just ideas, or worse, broken and resented artifacts of the well-intentioned but poorly informed.

Technology Design

“There are thousands, possibly millions of people designing technologies for the richest of us but only a handful of people working full time to design new technologies for the poor.”

The Appropriate Technology Collaborative is a concept, a program and a place where people from all walks of life come together to create a shared vision of a better future.  We work in collaboration with our clients to create break-through technologies that are affordable, sustainable and create opportunity.