8. Recycled Microwave Generator

Hands Making Generator


Technologies such as generators are most often made overseas from where they are used.  In poor countries people lack the basic materials necessary to build generators, thus generators are expensive and the important work of creating technology is outsourced.


Build a robust, durable and inexpensive generator from materials that can be found in most countries on the planet.

ATC, working with Dr. George Albercook, created a generator that is powerful, inexpensive and easy to use.  The 99% of the ReGen is made from recycled microwave oven parts and recycled automotive wheel parts.  All moving parts rely on automotive bearings and thus are unlikely to wear out when used as a generator.

Nadine wiring the ReGen

The ReGen is still in our prototype and testing program.  Drawings and video will be made available in 2016.

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